How to Get a Free Apartment Move

If you are in the market for a new apartment home then you might actually qualify for a free move.  How can you possibly get a free move you ask?. Well, if your rental amount is high enough, your apartment locator will pay for it.

What’s an Apartment Locator

All apartment locators in Texas must hold their real estate licenses. They also can buy and sell homes for customers. Apartment complexes will also pay these locators to bring future tenants by who are interested in leasing a unit. If the customer leases, then the locator gets a referral fee. 

Dallas, TX and Houston are some of the biggest cities in the entire United States. They have hundreds and hundreds of huge apartment complexes. If you live in one of these cities or are moving to one, then you should keep your eyes peeled for a locator. Here are a couple of things to know. 

  • Locators won’t charge you a fee. Remember the apartment complex pays them after you lease an apartment. 
  • You can lease an apartment on your own, but you won’t qualify for a free move without using a locator. 
  • All locators won’t offer a free move. You will have to look for the companies that do. 
  • Some apartment locators will offer you a rebate instead of a free move. Remember to read the fine print. 
  • Apartment communities won’t raise your rent if you use an apartment locator. 

What to Know About the Free Move

  • Ask the locator what your minimum rental amount must be to qualify for the free move. If you receive a rental incentive from the apartment and your rent falls below a certain threshold, you won’t qualify. 
  • When the movers show up, the clock starts. Ask the locator how many moving hours you receive. You will only get a couple hours. If it takes time to get the keys from the new community, the clock is still running.
  • Remember that the locator is not the moving company. They will not be  held liable for any issues that occur during your move. 
  • If your rent falls under the threshold, you may still qualify for a partial move. 
  • Here are some typical movers rates you may expect.  
  • If you don’t want the move you can qualify for a rebate check in many cases. 

When you think about it the locator not only can help you get a free move which may have a value of  around a $250, you might also find out that they are aware of apartment deals that you would certainly have trouble find on your own. 

Here are a few items that can disqualify you from the free move.

  • You already visited the property before you contacted your new locator
  • In come cases, you must actually register with the locators website
  • Also be aware that some properties will reduce the referral fee paid to the locator. In this event, the locator might can offer a reduced rebate back to you.

 Remember that movers won’t move specialty items and things like plants. If you have any questions about what a mover won’t move, contact your locator, or even the mover himself. 

At Ezzyliving we offer rebate checks back in lieu of the move. We aren’t movers. We are apartment locators